On April 25, 2024, the Liberated Zone in Indiana University's (IU) Dunn Meadow began, demanding that IU divest from Israel, end its partnership with Crane, establish a Muslim and Middle Eastern Cultural Center, and that IU President Pamela Whitten, Provost Rahul Shrivastav, and Vice Provost Carrie Docherty resign.

On the first day of the encampment, Indiana State Police (ISP) conducted a raid and removed all "temporary structures" on the orders of IU President Pamela Whitten, arresting 33 protestors in the process. During the raid, Indiana State Police stationed a sniper on the roof of the Indiana Memorial Union Building (IMU)—a fact confirmed by ISP Superintendent Doug Carter, who stated that the raid had "overwatch positions with sniper capabilities." Indiana State Police referred to this position on the IMU roof as "Overwatch" in their radio transmissions.

Protestors re-established the encampment the morning of April 26. Indiana State Police stationed three officers on Overwatch who relayed the movements and demeanor of the encampment using the radio channel ISP OPS 3.

On April 27 at 11:51am, ISP OPS 3 reactivated.

(italic text mark transcriptions of police radio communication)







Indiana State Police stationed on the top of the IMU building. Two silhouetted figures appear against a cloudy sky on a castle-like building slightly obscured by trees.


Protestors sit and chat on the grass in the encampment. A sign that says 'Liberated Zone' in green and gold letters is affixed to a tent. Below that is a sign that reads 'All Cops Are Bald' in red and black letters.


A Indiana State Police helicoptor seen from below (under a tree branch) against a cloudy sky.


This refers to Bryce Greene, an organizer of the encampment.



This refers to Aidan Khamis, another organizer of the encampment from Palestine.





Indiana State Police stand opposite the encampment in Dunn Meadow as protestors prepare for the oncoming raid by linking elbows. On the sidewalk above Dunn Meadow, several students and counter-protestors gather to observe.


Indiana State Police in riot gear line up on the green grass of Dunn Meadow, waiting for the order to begin the raid. The commanding officers converse in a small group in front of the line.


Indiana State Police in riot gear move towards the encampment. A woman in a red shirt begs the commanding officer to stop. People film the march of the riot cops. Above Dunn Meadow on the sidewalk, the crowd of observers has grown.


Indiana State Police in riot gear arrest a protestor. One officer kneels on their head and neck as police wrestle the protestor's hands into zip tie handcuffs. The destroyed tent and signs litter the area.
Indiana State Police in riot gear dominate the whole frame as they conduct arrests, a mass of black bullet-proof armor.


A blurry photo of the SWAT unit with their fingers on the triggers of their weapons stand around as the riot police conduct arrests. Behind them on the sidewalk is a group of onlookers, filming.

As Indiana State Police moved over the meadow towards the west, some of the protestors filming and chanting attempted to get closer to the active arrests to document the violence. Police interpreted this as an attempt to encircle them.



A policeman in riot gear stands over a protestor lying facedown in the grass, handcuffed. The policeman aims his gun loaded with rubber bullets near the protestor. Another officer sits on them restraining them.

Aidan Khamis and Bryce Greene were behind the encampment towards the sidewalk seen on the opposite side in these photographs. Police attempted to clear the break through the line of protest in pursuit of them. When police tackled them, the back-up called for in this clip aimed their gun at Aidan Khamis's head before turning and aiming at the crowd.


Police surround an arrested protestor. Another protestor yells at police with little reaction. Behind them on the sidewalk, the observers in watch the scene.

Bryce Greene sits handcuffed, surrounded by cops. A few minutes later at 12:47pm, he tweeted: "Just got arrested" "They tell me trespassing" "Zip ties uncomfortable"


A SWAT officer stands in front of the detritus of the camp destroyed just minutes earlier.



A man in a red shirt with IU facilities pours out a gallon of water. Protestors yell at him and he makes eye contact with them. He didn't seem malicious, but he didn't express regret either. Other facilities personnel gather camp supplies in trash bags.

Maintenance arrives, confiscating the tents, food, and pouring out the encampment's water.


Indiana State Police ask Overwatch if they have apprehended their two "targets."


Protestors form a line facing police as they retreat from Dunn Meadow. The commanding officers converse in the foreground as they guide their units away from the scene.

Police begin their retreat from Dunn Meadow.


Protestors form a line facing police as they retreat from Dunn Meadow. The gap between protestors and police closes, threatening another clash.


The commanding officer holds a green lamp post that several police nearly tripped over in the retreat. On one side of the frame, the SWAT unit with guns exchanges words. On the other side, Indiana State Police officers in uniform observe the crowd.


Three police officers stand in front of an red and white Indiana University Bus which transported the arrested protestors to the County Jail.

The arrested protestors were loaded onto an IU Bus one-by-one over the previous half hour.


The bus moves first towards the Harry Gladstein Fieldhouse, near the IU Memorial Stadium to process the arrestees. After processing, the bus moves to the Monroe County Courthouse and Correctional Center.


Several protestors sit on the sidewalk in front of a unit of riot police guarding the County Jail.


Several riot police face protestors. One holds his hand on his gun, ready to draw. Others hold batons in case the crowd sitting peacefully in front of them turns aggresssive.

Police wait at the jail with their hands on their weapons while protestors sit and wait for arrestees to be released.



Protestors begin rebuilding the encampment. "We will hold down the liberated zone for the people of Palestine!!" encampment organizers announce via Telegram, "no matter how many get arrested, we will not back down in our steadfast solidarity with the people of Gaza!!"

The Liberated Zone in Dunn Meadow continues...