oops bored of ai

oops i got bored of AI. its not wacky anymore. its boring. you can only generate so many fucked up hands and listen to text-to-speech mumble its way through so many numbers. ok it fucked up the hands again. it didn't fuck up the hands in this new model. i don't care.

the thing that's always been interesting about ai is how its been produced. all this garbage about "AI GOD BEING NUCLEAR WAr" (kissinger's wackiest papers, echoed by your favorite bald fascists at a16z and the softbank guy who has had a months long conversation with chatgpt) is way more interesting as a phenomenon than AI itself. its not even that interesting to say "oh AI is the big content stealing machine" or "ai is bad for artists" or even like "ai is good." yeah its capitalism but on the computer. they've automated capitalism for creative work. yeah its trash, but it wasn't meant to be good or even cheaper it is just meant to supplant labor (unpredictable, likes to go on strike, etc.) with capital (nice calm machines and looms and such). marx said this in like 1867.

i hope these various bald men do invent AI GOD NUCLEAR WAR because that would at least be interesting. marx had very little to say directly on AI GOD NUCLEAR WAR (but i haven't read the grundrisse)

i do think AI GOD NUCLEAR WAR would probably be pretty bad, but it would be different, insofar as capitalism is currently halfway through destroying the planet and AI GOD NUCLEAR WAR would be a very interesting twist to the way that capitalism is currently doing it.