things i believe!

i *love* reading people's writing on the internet.

online-writing, in my experience, often has a lot to do with being online, which is an extremely political way of being. so before i fall in love with a collection of online writing, i often try to suss out the politics of the person, like a nutritional label: where do these ideas come from, what are they doing, what is the purpose

if someone is doing that to me right now, here is a little list to save you some time:

capitalism is bad, in my opinion

i think we should give something else a shot. i'm not too picky about what that could be

i think its good to be trans actually

i'm strongly considering it

the internet/computers/etc. are ...

not sure about this one actually. bad? good, but only if you are willing to take them apart and poke around to learn "what the deal is". i strongly believe that a person should understand the things that surround them. i spend so much time messing around on the computer partially because i like it and its fun, but also because the more i understand, the more effectively i think i can repurpose things. if i didn't believe that, there isn't much point in trying to make the world better. we'd be so fucked if that wasn't true

you don't need more than like 4 megapixels in a camera

every other mega pixel is bourgeois decadence. i recently got an old fujifilm finepix a330 from 2004. 3.2 mega pixels, and every one of them is a winner.

i have lots of other beliefs

don't we all?